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Single bricks? What good are they? Lying around all day when they should be getting together with their mates and forming walls. Collectively they are literally the very fabric of civilisation but get a brick on its own and what can it do for you? Wedge a door open? Rob a jewellery shop? Reduce the amount of water in your cistern? If you have ever lamented their lack of ambition weep no more. For Stolen Form have brought great new purpose to the previously underestimated lonely brick. Yep a vase. No really, a vase, that is also a brick. Well, not actually a real brick, but something that looks just like a real brick, only white and glazed, and hollow but apart from that exactly the same. So okay this doesn’t really help unemployed bricks at all, in fact one could argue that Stolen Form are taking potential jobs away from out of work bricks and giving them to pretenders. But then again a solid brick probably wouldn’t make much of a vase. Hmm, best not mention it then, sensitive things bricks.

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Appearance: The appearance of a brick but not the function.
Designer: 2012 by Christian Marsden and Ali Amer for Stolen Form.
Material: Cream slip cast earthenware with clear glaze.
Cleaning: Soap and water.
Size: H 20cm. W 9.5cm D 6cm.
Origin: Handmade in Stoke, England.


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