Uffie Doll


This is Uffie, the retired mime from Luckyboysunday. Uffie used to spend his days standing very still in town centres and on street corners. Once he had your attention though he would do something spectacular with it, like walking against an imaginary wind, or descending an invisible staircase, sometimes he even juggled non existent balls. Genius. Sadly though Uffie found it impossible to keep his job due to the constant intrusion of a glass wall that kept creeping up on him and taking him by surprise. One moment he was quite happily inflating a pretend balloon and the next he was being pushed back by an unseen force, his eyes wide, his hands raised in white gloved surrender. Fortunately for Uffie it was discovered that if he was hugged tightly enough by those who cared the glass wall could be kept at bay, it simply couldn’t come between them. So now it has become a condition of any who desire Uffie’s company, love him, hold him and never let him go.

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Appearance: Stripy mime having a really bad hair day.
Designer: Luckyboysunday. Denmark.
Material: Soft alpaca. Polyester filling.
Size: 56cm when standing, less when descending an invisible staircase.
Cleaning: 30 degree wool cycle or hand wash.
Age: Not suitable for children under three.
Origin: Made in Bolivia.


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