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Blockitecture is a simply brilliant idea. Not world changing, this is not a big idea, it is small, and from this small idea great things can grow. With this new series of factory themed differently shaped blocks it is possible to place and balance them in constantly surprising formations to create your own unique urban factory. With cantilevers, towers and buttresses it is tempting to collect a few sets and combine them to orchestrate your architecture, consider your conurbation and mould your municipality. Be the urban planner of Blockicity but beware, a keen eye, steady hand and a steeplejacks nerve are required to build your vision or else it can all come tumbling down and once your city has fallen it may prove difficult for you to rebuild it exactly as it was. But that is half the fun, as is the case with most urban planing you never really know what you are going to get until it is built.

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Appearance: Precarious wooden factory style blocks.
Designer: James Paulius for Areaware.
Material: Painted New Zealand pine.
Size: Average configuration W 18cm. H 12cm.
Cleaning: Wipe over with cloth.
Origin: Designed in the USA.


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