Areaware Snake Block

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You might think there is only so much you can do with twenty four painted triangles threaded on a piece of elastic like the world’s most uncomfortable necklace (or bracelet), but you might be wrong! And I don’t use an exclamation mark lightly! Is it a semaphoring slow-worm? A contortionist’s walking stick? A chin stroking piece of shelf art? Perhaps it’s all of these things and more. Oh yes it is. I’ve got one and so myriad is it’s purpose that I have as yet to find a use for it. But who cares? One day it will come to me and I may fashion it into a necessary tourniquet, or a less than efficient draught excluder or perhaps I will just sit and stare at, willing it to show me the meaning of my contrapuntal existence. It’s not for something specific, it’s not a lemon squeezer, it’s a bendy snake like bunch of colourful blocks on the very verge of becoming. Anything. Like a lot of the lovely stuff we sell, it just is. And that is enough.

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Appearance: Red, dark blue, pale blue and white triangular blocks.
Designer: 2017 Clara Von Zweigbergk for Areaware.
Material: Painted wood and bungee elastic.
Large: H 83.8cm W 4.8cm D 3.3cm.
Small: H 31.1cm. W 1.8cm. D 1.2cm.
Origin: Reinvented in the USA made in the PRC.


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