Clive Sefton is a Brighton based artist whose series of framed Word Searches combine clean and beautiful design with fun and interaction. Having originally studied silk screen printing at Southampton Clive developed a keen interest in typography. He was also interested in having an interactive element in his work, this combined with the idea of an ever changing artwork led to the conception of the original Brighton Wordsearch. This first limited edition was just 6 prints which sold within a couple of weeks and due to increasing demand Clive produced another Brighton re-edition of 50 prints which also quickly sold out. Clive prides himself on the quality of his work and meticulously creates each piece by hand. Each is printed using the highest quality materials and comes with a pen so you can circle the words on the glass, though some people prefer to display the work clean and hide the pen. Clive also does commissions, single pieces for single users incorporating words that are relevant to the individual client.

Clive Sefton

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