For fifty years Flos have been crafting objects out of light. Light is the medium they work in order to express new ideas and illuminate emotions. Flos see the future, embrace the past and live in the present, facing the challenges and choices that have shaped their image and identity. History has taught them to fan the flames of provocation into new poetic notions of functionality, to trust intuition, to dare to create products that no one else would and to establish new typologies and archetypes. Flos are connected to the old masters of design yet happy to promote new talents, to command high technological status, to be revered for what they have done and what they might yet do. Flos open the way through experimentation and the use of revolutionary materials, they strive to conceive new languages around light and to chart new aesthetics, new freedoms for living. Flos walk the fine line between art and design, craftsmanship and industry, between an individual idea and the collective imagination.


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