ibride were established in 1996, with the aim of cultivating otherness, celebrating the difference and by creating objects which make life a little better. Since its inception, ibride has grown rapidly in ambition and reputation, blossoming through a series of unique collections, where each and every object is the fruit of personal intuitions and convictions. It is all about creating and embracing a new mythology, building a world in which these exotic confections can coexist. This is a world populated with wild images, chance encounters, foreign travels, unlikely animals all threaded with knowing references to the history of art itself. The concept of the filial bond, binds all of their collections and is resolutely at the heart of their work. This familiarity is designed to work a special emotional catalyst into the objects that ibride make and which surround us in our daily lives. Each new collection audaciously aims to trigger an emotional response in us and in doing so unknowingly elevate the reputation of ibride even further.


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