In the minds of Royal VKB the kitchen is no longer just the place where food is prepared and eaten it is the white hot centre of domestic design and innovation. It is the place where anything can happen, from large social gatherings to solitary homework to long impromptu conversation. It is within this ever changing environment that Royal VKB seek to operate, conceiving and producing ever better ways of doing things, supplanting old inefficiencies with new sleek devices and designs, giving pleasure to the domestic environ through pure function working harmoniously with form. This brave new world should never be an excuse to create objects of useless beauty, the kitchen demands effective solutions to age old problems. People can be slow to change and sometimes they won’t want to change at all, Royal VKB want to assure them that sometimes the new ways are better, at least they can be if the means to that end is a product that is a delight to hold and behold. Welcome to the social kitchen of Royal VKB.

Royal VKB

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