Uncle Goose makes wooden blocks and not much else, so they are really good at it. They handcraft every set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes. Making toys is a serious business but as artists and craftspeople Uncle Goose are always looking for the fun in life, during the holiday season it is not unknown for the workforce to come dressed as elves. Uncle Goose are environmentally considerate, using fast-growing sustainable basswood and non-toxic, child-friendly inks on all their blocks. Every set is made with great attention to detail as one hundred years from now, a child may be playing and learning with some heirloom blocks that were made today. Uncle Goose products are more than just photogenic, they embody what it means to be beautiful and sustainable and it is this quality that sees Uncle Goose blocks featured in exalted locales all over the world. In museums, boutiques, design shops and toy stores not to mention in countless’ playrooms and nurseries.

Uncle Goose

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