Danlamp Globe De Luxe 60W Bulb


The Globe Deluxe is a large, clear globe bulb with a distinctive spiral filament. It has a warm, intense glow and not only looks wonderful in a light fitting but also as a naked bulb creating an elegant highlight, both timeless and modern. The Globe Deluxe is by Danlamp who make the most beautiful decorative light bulbs in the world. Still manufactured in the original Danish factory the bulbs are hand wound and assembled by an incredibly skilled, experienced workforce. Danlamp make every component themselves, this includes the filament, some of which are finer than human hairs, giving their bulbs a much greater lifespan and a lovely, perfectly balanced dimmable glow. Decorative bulbs have become increasingly popular of late but Danlamp bulbs are of a quality and style that completely sets them apart from all of the pretenders. This is the humble light bulb as art, a beautiful functional object, burning brightly above our heads as an enduring image of inspiration.

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Appearance: Bright warm spiral filament in clear glass globe.
Designer: 19Something. Someone clever at Danlamp.
Material: Blown glass and tin.
Specs: Dia 7.8cm. E 27 60w. 4000 hours.
Cleaning: Careful dusting when turned off.
Origin: Hand and machine made in Denmark.


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