Jacob Rudbeck attended The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architect and Andreas Lund graduated from The Danish Design School in 2000. Both Jacob and Andreas run their own successful design studios, Jacob Rudbeck Design Consultancy and Andres Lund Design, but they decided to collaborate on selected projects after they met during various teaching jobs. One such project has been the Bell Light series for Normann Copenhagen which with its refined yet primitive design cues has been very well received both critically and with the public. For Jacob and Andreas design is industrial art, a furnace where function and form melt and meld to create new elements, new ideas and new practises. They want to continue the Scandinavian design tradition and make everyday items that fulfill their purpose without drawing unwarrented attention. Objects should be discovered and their characters explored, they should not be noticed simply because they shout the loudest.

Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck

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