Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was certainly one of the most influential designers to ever graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. Whilst Jacobsen was a successful architect, renowned for his Bellavista Apartments (1933-34), Rødovre Town Hall (1957) and the SAS Royal Hotel (1955-59) he is probably best remembered for his simple, timeless and functional interior products. Jacobsen was nothing if not prolific, working in textiles, wallpaper, silverware, lighting and furniture and designing pieces of such elegant restraint that they are still revered to this day, the Ant, Swan, and Egg chair, the Bellevue and AJ series of lamps, to name but a few. In 1956, Jacobsen returned to the Royal Danish Academy and taught architecture for 11 years (1956-1965). However, he continued to design products and buildings right up to his unexpected death in 1971. Today his legacy as an avant-garde designer lives on in his products that, over fifties years later, are still seen as modern.

Arne Jacobsen

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