Bang Bang kid are Emilie Fondevila and some other secretive French chap. I have absolutely no idea who either of them are, where they were trained, if indeed they were, and what their accomplishments may or may not be. I have communicated with Emilie by email, she seems, er, nice. I am pretty sure they are responsible for the fantastic resin cowboy and indian figures that we sell but I am still uncertain where they are made, Paris possibly, China maybe, India anyone? I would love to be able to tell you about their design philosophy, about how they were trying to capture the elusive thread of childhood, how when they were kids and had toy cowboys and indians they would lie on the floor with them inches from their faces and the figures would seem huge inspiring them to recreate that feeling for real as grown ups, but if I did I would be telling porky pies. So we will just have to content ourselves with the knowledge that they are real people who make really cool things, somewhere.

Bang Bang Kid

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