Robert and Gavin Paisley are brothers and architecture enthusiasts. Together they started Chisel & Mouse in 2011 and their journey has taken them from hobbyists to architectural sculptors. They take their inspiration from the built environment around them and feel there are some buildings that speak through their beauty, this is what they try to capture in their work. From their studio, in the lovely Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, Robert and Gavin produce eye-catching, stylish, architecturally inspired art pieces through a mix of old and new techniques and technologies, hence Chisel and Mouse. The sculptures are made of plaster which gives them a reassuring weight and a smooth, cool feel and most feature fine details, such as window frames, which are etched in metal. Chisel & Mouse is a family business and the brothers employ a simple approach focused on making high quality, handmade architectural representations using local and UK resources.

Chisel and Mouse

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