Danlamp has produced incandescent lamps since 1931 and is the only remaining manufacturer of incandescent lamps in Denmark. In the beginning of the 1950s the production of incandescent lamps was increasingly automated and the factory was falling behind internationally so Soren Madsen, a German engineer was employed to optimise production and in doing so changed the company forever. Madsen invested in niche machinery and changed the business focus towards the international niche market for specialised light bulbs. Since then the proportion of specialised bulbs made by Dan Lamp has risen to more than 80% of the total production. The leading lamp vendors are now closing their European production facilities and Danlamp is one of the few remaining manufacturers committed to design and quality in the incandescent lamp industry. For European customers Danlamp offers close cooperation and a unique cultural understanding that can be essential in the creation of extraordinary lighting solutions.


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