Eric Sole was born in France. His first projects concentrated mostly on technical research, on the principles of transformation, folding chairs, office lamps and on the use of composites and how to exploit their structural properties and strengths. His current interest as far as lighting design is concerned is in utilising and observing the rapid evolution of raw materials. More than that there is also the creation of new shapes that were previously impossible and the development of new manufacturing techniques. It is this novelty that fascinates Eric, the fact that we can now make almost anything that we can imagine. A light no longer has to look like a light. This is the new new, where everything is possible and the reasons not to try, diminish. A beautiful lamp should be like a living object, coming to life when it is illuminated, it should talk to us, enlighten us and bring comfort when it is dark. Eric’s latest products are completely focused on furthering this trick of the light.

Eric Sole

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