Ernesto Gismondi was born in Sanremo, Italy in 1931. In 1957 he gained a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic and in 1959 gained a degree in Missile Engineering at the Professional School of Engineering in Rome. However none of this stopped him from becoming a lighting designer or from founding Studio Artemide, later to become plain old Artemide which went on to become one of the premier lighting design companies in the world. He was also part of the avant-garde movement Memphis which brought about a profound evolution in the design sector both in Italy and worldwide, oh and in his spare time he also designed various beautiful and highly successful lights for Artemide. For his great success with the company he was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1994, pretty incredible considering that at the same time he was also associate professor of Rocket Engines for Missiles at the Milan Polytechnic. Who says designing lighting isn’t rocket science.

Ernesto Gismondi

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