Everything Elevated are a camera shy Scandinavian Design Studio based in Brooklyn, New York. They work on all sorts of stuff apparently, good stuff by all accounts only I can’t find out what it is or who they are. I know there are two of them, at least I have been led to believe there are two of them and I suspect they are chaps but I don’t know their names, so I am going to go with Mister Everything and Mister Elevated. What I do know is they designed the rather lovely and deceptively simple swans for Normann Copenhagen which are likely to figure rather heavily in the pictorial element accompanying this biog as we don’t have photographic evidence of anything else that they may have done. The swans are great though, award winning and suggest that Mister Everything and Mister Elevated have great success to look forward to and I can only wish them and their New York Studio the best of luck. New York? I think that might be in America.

Everything Elevated

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