ISKOS-BERLIN is the design partnership of Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. Although the firm is relatively new, being established in 2010, Iskos and Berlin have worked together for many years and enjoyed considerable success. In 1987 Boris co-founded the extraordinary Komplot Design and later employed Aleksej as his assistant thus starting a mutually beneficial working relationship. Over the years the two men developed a very particular philosophy where design was seen as a story to be told. The story was often complex but the magic of it was in the telling, the clarity of narrative, the unexpected twists and turns and of course the satisfying conclusion all threaded, if the story was to be believed, with a living humour. It is their intention to imbue the products they conjure with all these properties, to combine these design digressions into an understandable whole to which the majority of people can easily relate. This is not about simplification but about leading the way through complexity.


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