James Paulius was born in Chicago, on Lake Michigan, Illinois in the USA. He was a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated in 2013. Paulius is interested in the designed element as object, he strives to create products that integrate people with their environment, products which, of them self promote creativity, curiosity and joy. He has a great belief in the positive aura of change, in our ability to influence society and culture through conscious creation. The continuous note of our surroundings inspires him to design elements and artifacts that are harmonious and sensitive towards their placement and the effects they may have on humans. His Blockitecture wooden blocks have shown how this credo can be applied to the very small as well as the very large, allowing citizens the opportunity to create their very own mini cityscape and to balance all of the precarious possibilities. From within simplicity the greatest of complexities can emerge and flourish.

James Paulius

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