The origins of LE KLINT begin in the early 20th century when master engineer P.V. Jensen-Klint hand pleated a shade to fit a paraffin lamp. With a group of friends he then perfected his technique with none of them asking anymore in payment than one of the finished shades. Such was the uniqueness of the product. In 1943 Tage Klint turned the idea into a real business. He worked alongside Kaare Klint, a respected designer who created the LK 101 pendant and the LK 306 lamps, which are still best sellers. Tage established the Le Klint store in Copenhagen with an interior by Kaare using his designs and Rosentapet wall coverings which highlighted the white pleated lamp shades to perfection. Tage Klint’s daughter ran the shop and in 1953 his son Jan took over the business, setting up a foundation to protect the future of the employees, it is still in effect. Today Le Klint works with renowned architects and designers and remains faithful to a philosophy of innovation through craftsmanship and tradition.

Le Klint

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