Main Sauvage is Cécile and Julien, a couple of young French designers aspiring to create new and unusual soft toys and soft furnishings for kids. Inspired by the curious and unexpected things of everyday life Cécile and Julien attempt to capture the enduring yet odd poetry of childhood. Their creations are the result of well considered and environmentally friendly production, an effort that contributes to the debate surrounding planetary responsibility as well as the promotion and development of smaller independent european manufacturers. So where did their unusual name come from? I hear you ask. Well, there is an old and obscure French expression, ‘main sauvage’ that was once used to refer to the left hand which was considered to be wild and untamed, outside of conscious control, potentially a tool of the devil, so Cécile and Julien thought it would be perfect as a name for a company making soft toys for kids. Hmm, what can I tell you? They’re French.

Main Sauvage

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