MillerGoodman are Zoe Miller and David Goodman, ridiculously talented product designers who live and work in Brighton. From 2004 Zoe and David produced a wonderful range of books and products for children exclusively for the Tate Gallery. In 2008 they established MillerGoodman and launched at Top Drawer where Shapemaker won best gift for kids. MillerGoodman stand for all that is right in wooden toys, they are a beacon casting an unflattering light on the serried plastic ranks that march ceaselessly towards the horizon. Wood is good, MillerGoodman make toys that engage the heart, mind and attention of children and adults everywhere, beautifully designed, well made toys that will pass seamlessly down through generations. We have a set of Shapemaker blocks out on a coffee table in our shop and have seen countless times how children of all ages are captivated by them giving us more than enough time to sell their parents a cushion. Thank you MillerGoodman.


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