Nika Zupanc traditionally makes careful selections of her themes and forms. With them she offers an exciting look at the predominantly male furniture-design market, where all the aspiration is poured into the technical, rational, sober and utilitarian, as opposed to the intuitive, eclectic, vain and hysterical. To accomplish this Nika Zupanc uses her poetic judgment, inner battles with stereotypes, and long-lasting affairs with technologies. She mindfully explores the limits of the industry when it comes to emotional effect and the juxtaposition of materials, both in product design and interiors with the result being quite a lot of her products look like boobs. Ha Ha, I just said boobs. In the international press, her work has been described as everything from punk elegance and Techno chic to larger than life and featured in a number of relevant international press such as Wallpaper, Icon, Frame, Financial times and Elle Decor.

Nika Zupanc

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