Piet Boon (1958) began his career as a building contractor and master craftsman with a love for natural materials and signature details. With this solid background in construction and a love of beautiful design he became fascinated with functionality, comfort and timeless durability and began to transfer these elements to his own products thus creating his own eponymous design company. Peit was joined in 1986 by Karin Boon to lead creative direction and styling and she quickly became instrumental in defining the company’s design philosophy. This philosophy is immediately recognisable through its interpretation of materials, textures, colours and meticulous attention to detail all of which are appreciated by Piet Boon’s clients some of whom include Land Rover, Miele and Bang & Olufsen. With three successful monographs to their name Piet Boon 1, 2 and 3, Piet Boon has become one of the most successful and high profile of all Dutch design brands.

Piet Boon

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