Rob Brandt is an artist and product designer who was born in Gorssel, The Netherlands in 1946 and attended the St Joost Academy of Visual Arts between 1968 and 1973. As an artist he works mostly with clay creating a meeting point between the painted image and the 3 dimensional object. Brandt feels that clay offers him the opportunity to be wildly theatrical but in peace and quiet, he exploits the narrow space between serious art and kitsch, sometimes balancing perilously on the very edge. Never is this more obvious than in his range of products where he makes use of widely known expendable objects and whilst maintaining their physical integrity recasts them in a permanent state thus perverting their ephemeral purpose. His crinkle cups, modelled on the classic throw away water cooler cup, exemplify this, made from a glazed ceramic with a subtle crush to the waist they are at once disposable and enduring, arguably the very definition of art.

Rob Brandt

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