Ron Gilad was born in 1972 in Tel-Aviv and now lives and works in New York City. Ron has a love of the combined, the appropriated and builds elaborate hybrid objects that merge the material with aesthetic play. These objects are by definition unique and sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional. His works attempt to explain or interpret the relationship between the object and its function, questioning our perceptions about the physical and the mechanical. Varying from one-off commissions to limited editions and production pieces, the works have no expiration date and can be found in both public and private collections worldwide. Gilad asks unceasing questions in a 3 dimensional form and fabricates answers that create an arena for fertile doubt. ‘What is it for?’ Is almost always immediately followed by ‘Ah, I see’. Metaphorically, Gilad is a linguist, creating his own language. He learns the origins of words and develops new synonyms.

Ron Gilad

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