Tobia Scarpa was born in 1935 in Italy. The son of architect Carlo Scarpa, Tobia has spent his career working almost exclusively in Italy and almost entirely in collaboration with his wife Afra. Tobia and Afra both went to school at the Instituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice and in the late 1950s began their joint career, working with the Venini glass works. In 1960 they opened their own design office in Montebelluna where they concentrated on furniture built with an appreciation for sumptuous materials combined with comfort and elegance. These designs though appearing simpler and more classical than some of their contemporary counterparts still utilised the most modern materials and construction methods and attracted people who wanted modern furniture that could coexist with the antiques that still decorated their homes. This timelessness has become Scarpa’s signature look and is even evident in his award winning architecture, interiors and product design.

Tobia Scarpa

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