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When I was ten I won first prize in a school competition sponsored by the Sussex Police Force. The idea was to come up with an anti theft device for a car, so I designed an electric steering wheel that shocked any would be thief into unconsciousness and also automatically locked all of the doors. This was the seventies so I pretty much invented central locking but it was the steering wheel that seemed to capture the police force’s collective imagination. For my winning effort I was given a ride in a police car, at speed, and a WHSmith’s gift voucher. For 50p. Imagine my delight, I could buy a new protractor. From then on I kind of saw gift vouchers as a punishment. No one could ever get away with giving you a 50p prize, unless it was a gift voucher, because gift vouchers were better than real money. Well, they are now. Behold the Rume Gift Voucher. A proper gift voucher for buying proper stuff, 25, 50, 75 and 100 pounds. Generous or what? Cash is going to look so sad. Send it via email, so your loved ones can shop with it directly online. A virtual voucher? I wish they had thought of them sooner, the only other time I received a gift voucher the dog ate it.


Add to Basket

To quick email yourself a Rume Gift Voucher, first confirm Quantity,
then click Add to Basket and at Checkout fill in your pertinent details. 
If you also want a hard copy you will need to treat yourself as a recipient.
In order to email a Rume Gift Voucher to a recipient click Delivery Options,
put a tick in the box and provide the recipient’s full name and email address. 
If you also wish to send or receive a hard copy tick, Send copy via Royal Mail.
Fill in the address and write a Personal Message if so desired, click Add to Basket.



No downloads available


Emailed gift vouchers are
sent almost immediately.
Printed copies posted
F.O.C with Royal Mail.
Allow 2 - 3 days.

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