Bad Eye Lily


This is Bad Eye Lilly from Luckboysunday, the doll who was left behind. Lilly used to have two good eyes and a very privileged life, spending her days propped up by down pillows upon a bed of many springs. She would gaze across her beautiful bedroom, through lace curtained windows out across a lawn of peacocks and croquet hoops. She would sit with the other dolls, neither more nor less, neither loved nor forgotten, just indulged. That she was spoilt was as plain as the nose on her face, the fact that she didn’t have a nose meant she never noticed. Then one day after a picnic, when all the other toys had been taken home she lay lost in the long grass. She was not missed. And as Lilly suffered the attention of the weather and all manner of nibbling creatures she came to understand the true value of being a proper dolly. So when she was found by a careful child, one who would never lose her, one who washed her gently and didn’t mind about her black eye, Lilly realised that happiness doesn’t come with a price tag. But Lilly does.

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Appearance: One eyed observer of all things.
Designer: Luckyboysunday. Denmark.
Material: Soft alpaca. Polyester filling.
Size: 46cm when standing.
Cleaning: 30 degree wool cycle or hand wash.
Age: Not suitable for children under three.
Origin: Made in Bolivia.


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