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Muuto make unnecessary objects and the Muuto Juicer is a perfect case in point. The world is not going to be saved by a Muuto Juicer, unless of course someone has written the cure to mutated ebola on it or you throw it at mister evil just as he is about to launch a nuclear strike, or you give it to invading aliens because it is the ‘one true thing’ they have been searching the entire universe for. Although that one is feasible, because once you have it in your hands its actual purpose becomes momentarily forgotten, ‘What is this lovely wooden thingamebob?’ You may find yourself asking. The answer, it’s for squeezing the very life out of fruit, seems almost mean. How could something so smooth, so beautiful be so injurious to harmless fruit? And who cares? Flooded with this realisation you will be driven to press the fruity flesh, you will twist and crush until the orange peels, the pips squeak and the juices flow. You too will have found the ‘one true thing.’ The Muuto Juicer may be unnecessary but that doesn’t mean that you can live without it.

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Appearance: Cross between an alien artifact and a shy pine cone.
Designer: 2013 Kibisi for Muuto.
Material: Single piece of turned and fluted white beech.
Size: Dia 5.8cm. Height 12.8cm.
Cleaning: Soap and water.
Origin: Designed in Norway.


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