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What exactly is the Pivo. Is it a garden utensil? A railway spike? A jousting lance for a mouse? Nope. Leave it lying about at parties and see if your guests can figure it out. Watch as they lever a sticky kitchen drawer open with it whilst trying to find a bottle opener. Oh how we laughed. This fantastic, extraordinary, you guessed it, bottle opener is designed by Luke Smith-Wightman and makes the perfect puzzling present. Beautifully turned from a single piece of solid brass it has all the heft of a well engineered thingamebob and being brass it is easy to find amongst all the stainless steel in the utensil drawer. But be warned, once used it is difficult to put down and may encourage a little too much imbibing such is the simple pleasure of its operation. Pivo, it’s what beer is made for. Apparently.

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Appearance: Slightly odd brass thingamebob .
Designer: Luke Smith-Wightman. London.
Material: Solid CNC turned brass.
Size: Dia 2.4cm x 13cm.
Cleaning: Soap and water. Brasso for shine.
Origin: Made in England.


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