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What does real mean anyway? In a post truth world all that matters is your own opinion. And what better way to further your own uncertainty than a couple of lying cushions? Nothing screams liar louder than a bright orange cushion with TRUE written on it, with the possible exception of a bright blue cushion with FAKE written on it. Because these days who knows what’s real and what’s not. Buy one or both and never be sure of anything again. Is it a fake cushion with TRUE written on it or a true cushion with FAKE written on it? Who cares? They are both lovely, lush cotton velvet with a floppy Oxford border, beautifully made in Blighty. Or are they? I don’t know anything anymore, and neither does the media or politicians and last week my mother told me I looked nice so I’m not even sure I can trust her. I suggest you place them on your sofa and simply point at one or the other if anyone talks to you. Just smile, say nothing and never believe anything you read or hear again.

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Appearance: Digitally printed velvet with wide Oxford border, rear panelled zip.
Designer: Libby Baker and NOT PRETTY. 
Material: 100% luxurious pile cotton velvet.
Core: White duck feather in cotton case.
Size: 65cm x 65cm (when laid flat).
Cleaning: Dry clean only.
Origin: Made in England.


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