• sillwood


    The Sillwood is a beautiful square sofa with soft duck over reflex cushions and a lovely timber under frame. Handmade in a fabric of your choice in our Sussex workshops.

  • JU1

    Utzon JU1

    The JU1 is a beautiful light designed early in the career of an architect and designer who would go on to design one of the most famous buildings in the world.

  • Poynt


    Our Poynt dining tables are designed to be beautiful, practical and nothing else, with a leg at each corner and a shadow line running all the way around the timber top.

  • Adnet


    First designed by Jacques Adnet in 1954 in association with Hermes, the beautiful Adnet mirror was reissued to original specification by Gubi in 2011.

  • Oriel


    Some armchairs are simply destined to be the object of our desire. They widen eyes and quicken hearts, their images downloaded, saved and put in a hidden file.

  • Ronde


    Ronde is Oliver Schick’s first product for Gubi and it is a good one. He probably named it after the single blank of aluminium that was skillfully shaped to produce it.

  • Cail

    Caile Carver

    The secret to the perfect dining chair was discovered about fifty years ago by my father and he bottled it and put it on a very high shelf to keep it safe.

  • Mingus


    Apparently the Mingus is a very uncomplicated light, designed from the outset to be simple, of course that pretty much guaranteed that it would end up complicated.

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