• Havelock Sofa


    The Havelock is one of the most elegant English Chesterfields that you can buy.

  • Balancing Blocks

    Balancing Blocks

    Beautiful, unusual gifts.

  • Cubebots


    Make like a Christmas Tree

  • Table Tiles

    Table Tiles

    Add a whole new dimension to someone's dining table.

  • Norm 06 Shades

    Norm 06 Shades

    A delightful soothing flower of white interlocking petals.

  • Mountain Moon Cushion

    Mountain Moon Cushion

    Luxurious, luscious, lovable lambswool.

  • Fret cabinet

    Fret Cabinet

    A very morish range of handmade and hand painted cabinets with inlaid laser cut frets.

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