Jansen+co is a contemporary, vivid and original Dutch table top design company founded by Anouk Jansen and Harm Magis in 2006 and based in Amsterdam. Since launching their first range of multi-coloured My Mugs in August 2010 Jansen+co ceramics have rapidly become very popular and sought after. Their instantly recognisable designs and colour combinations can be found in design stores, museum shops, kitchen retailers and high end department stores all around the world. A large part of their success has been attention to detail, all Jansen+co ceramics are original forms that are hand finished. Whether it is a mug, a teapot or a cake stand, these are classic shapes with modern sensibilities, lovely, lively colours, tastefully blended with subtler complementary tones. It is a typically Dutch vision, the melding of a unique yet lasting aesthetic with innovative use of materials and technology to create high quality, ethical products that are a pleasure to use every day.

Jansen + Co

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