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Apparently websites often have a feature called a wishlist. One word. Or so I have just been told. We are meant to have one. Here. But haven’t. People are worried. It’s been overlooked. It might be crucial. 
We have a link for it at least, you just clicked or touched or lovingly caressed it. And here you are expecting said wishlist and you've got me. Sorry. It’s not my fault, I will be looking into it with some urgency, at some point, maybe. Though I must confess I'm still not sure what it is. Well, I know what a wish list (two words) was, now it is something different. Better? Something we don’t have.

Hold on, it’s being explained to me by a passing eleven year old boy.

Oh, I see, it’s generational and I'm too old to understand, too old to dream, too old to make wishes. Thanks son, he who no longer believes in the tooth fairy, still costs me a quid though. I guess I will just have to prove my wishful thinking credentials and compile a list of my own, old school. It will simply have to do until our overwrought web developer can tear himself away from Fornite. Let me know if you would like me to add anything. Wishes are fishes.

World peace by Tuesday.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Forza Horizon.

Always dry tea towels.

Self assembly Lego.

Mud repelling Wellingtons.

Silent basket balls.

Tasty fish fingers.

A knickerbocker glory.

A 1961 E Type Jaguar.

An explanation of golf.

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