Jakub Berdych established Qubus in the Czech Republic in 2002 with the aim of creating a design studio which operated well outside the standard norm. His intention was to build a collective of conceptual designers of world repute and to present their work through virtual and physical shopfronts. As the Qubus idea progressed Jakub teamed up with Maxim Velčovský to develop their own products primarily in ceramic and this has led to a range of truly extraordinary, almost inexplicable pieces of uniformly high quality. Some of the pieces are one offs or limited editions but others are available on general sale to purchase and collect. This element of desirable, original work has garnered Qubus considerable success and allowed the designers to pursue a wider brief including full interior, architectural, installation and graphic design. However for most people who know of them Qubus are, and always will be, the company who turned a severed doll’s head into a ceramic candle holder.


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