The New English are a spirited group of artists and designers drawn together by creative director Paul Bishop. He and his wife and business partner Judith are proud to be from and based in Stoke-on-Trent and are committed to merging the finest of old skills with a truly modern aesthetic. In Stoke they have been making handmade ceramics for over two hundred and fifty years but the New English are not about plundering history they are about making it, they are part of the new wave, the wave that is lifting Stoke again and returning it to its rightful place as the heart of the English ceramics industry. The clue is in the name, The New English are of England and this is reflected in everything they do, they are following a creative line from Josiah Wedgwood, through Turner, the Sex Pistols to Damien Hirst, the edge that cuts is the edge that leads, innovation in every sense of the word, the confidence to challenge the norm and to do things differently. The battle cry is Made in England.

The New English

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