Verner Panton was born 1926 in Gamtofte, Denmark and studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen as an architecture student. He worked from 1950-52 in Arne Jacobsen’s architectural practise and then in 1955 founded an independent studio for architecture and design. In the following years Panton created numerous designs for seating furniture and lighting and his early furniture designs attracted attention with their geometric forms. His passion for geometric patterns and bright colour became apparent when he began fusing the usually unrelated elements of a room, floor, walls, ceiling, furnishings, lighting, textiles into a unified whole, these interior installations attained near legendary status. In the early 1960s, Panton began working with Vitra and in 1967 they unveiled what became his most famous design, the Panton Chair. After a lifetime of extraordinary achievement Verner Panton died in 1998 in Copenhagen, long may his designs continue to live on.

Verner Panton

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