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rume interior

Rume Interior is here to help you help yourself. We are not an interior design service we are more of a furniture design service. We can’t help you with your wall colour (white) or your curtains (no swags) but we can help you to decide what furniture to buy.

We can provide you with enough information to make the correct choice, we won’t make the choice for you but we will politely tell you when you are wrong. We can produce detailed drawings of any interior, providing you can supply us with accurate measurements and good photos, and place furniture of various designs into it, so long as the furniture is ours.

We can design custom corner systems to fit exactly into a space with the minimum of pieces and provide you with images so that you know exactly what the finished item will look like in your home.

We can do full furniture schemes with sofas, dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, armchairs, every piece of furniture you could possibly want. We can also design one off custom pieces when the occasion arises or incorporate something from our new design list. 

We can also give you a lighting consultation to help you make decisions about which of our beautiful lights to hang where, all of this and we will ask for nothing in return.

All we expect is that you won’t make a design request if you don’t intend to buy furniture or lights from us, it is not a contract, just a small act of faith. Included below are a number of examples of our work, successful schemes that have come to pass. If you would like to discuss your needs just click on ‘contact us’ at the foot of the page, fill out the form and we will quickly get back to you.

R U B E N   C O R N E R   A N D   O T T O M A N

Not so much a scheme as a very large corner unit. The client wanted to decorate the room around the sofa so we made her a gorgeous Ruben corner and a Lissom ottoman.

W E L B E C K   A N D   T H R A L L


A  wonderful modern interior for which we made a custom Welbeck corner system and a prototype Thrall. The angular lines of the furniture were very suited to the sparse interior.

I D L E W I L E,   P O Y N T,   C A I L   A N D   W E L B E C K

dark wood

A full interior involving multiple pieces including a custom Welbeck, a large ash Poynt dining table and Cail chairs. A really nice cohesive scheme though maybe a little brown.

U N I T Y,   L I S S O M   A N D   P O Y N T   D I N I N G   T A B L E


Here we made an asymmetric U shaped Unity corner system prototype and a large ten seater Poynt dining table. The lime green Ottoman worked as the perfect counter point.

P O W I S,   S M I T H F I E L D,   P E L H A M   O T T O M A N   A N D   F O U R   S Q U A R E 


A very satisfying commission where we designed the whole ground floor. The house was open plan and so we created different zones within the space with the furniture.

R U B E N S,   C U S T O M   C O F F E E   T A B L E,   F R E T   C A B I N E T   A N D   P O Y N T

double ruben

A fabulous open plan apartment in need of a full rework. We created a new living area and a comfortable dining space with added storage from a four door cabinet.

W E L B E C K ,   F R A M E   C O F F E E   T A B L E   A N D   F R E T   C A B I N E T

A lovely country home in need of an update. We made a free standing custom Welbeck corner system, a large Frame coffee table, a four door Fret cabinet and a consul table.

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