Leff Brick Clock - Steel/White


When is a clock not a clock? Well, I have a wall clock at home, bereft of battery and love with both of its detached hands lying at the bottom of the dial, this is a stopped clock so useless it isn’t even capable of being right twice a day. This is not a problem that will ever trouble the Brick Clock, not so called because it has bricked but because it is a helpful and reliable fellow, a real brick in other words, who just happens to tell the time. What? That’s not why it’s called the Brick Clock? It’s because it’s shaped like a brick? For goodness sake, who thought of that? You might as well call it the forty foot container clock or the pat of butter clock. Oh well, no accounting for inspiration, besides it doesn’t matter what it’s called, there’s still no doubting how cool and unlike a clock it is. A welded case of brushed stainless or copper around gently and almost silently falling numerals. This is a big clock, about the size of a shoebox, Jimmy Choos rather than Doc Martens, but still substantial. Sit it on your favourite shelf, or mount it on the wall, but be warned its hypnotic face may put you to sleep, just don’t expect it to wake you up in the morning.

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Appearance: Large flip clock with brushed steel casing. No alarm.
Designer:Erwin Termaat for Leff Amsterdam
Material: Coated stainless steel. ABS. Acrylic.
Size: W: 36cm H: 15.7cm D: 12.8cm
Cleaning: Careful dusting.
Origin: Designed in Amsterdam.


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