Sillwood Ottoman

This is the Sillwood ottoman, with its beautiful under frame, flat sides and top and fitted tray. For those of you who suspect that an ottoman is just a posh name for a footstool I am here to disabuse you of that notion. Unlike a footstool an ottoman has a leg at each corner, upholstered sides and a padded top for strategic placement of feet, beverage bearing trays or bottoms during a seating shortage. So, exactly like a footstool then. Okay, I admit it, an ottoman is simply a posh word for a footstool, one that we use shamelessly but at least in our case it is justified. Made to any size, with a fabric and timber of your choice our ottomans are fabulous. They can be clear or deep buttoned, on turned, tapered or square legs, square or rectangular. They can be compact and just for feet or they can be much larger and take the place of a coffee table. Our ottomans can be demure or opulent, fully upholstered or cushion topped, patterned or plain but one thing they can never be is a footstool.

Sillwood ottoman..........W:   60cm D: 45cm   H: 45cm..............Fabric required: 2 mtrs.............Leather required: 4 sq. mtrs
Sillwood ottoman..........W: 100cm D: 50cm   H: 45cm..............Fabric required: 3 mtrs.............Leather required: 5 sq. mtrs
Sillwood ottoman..........W: 100cm D: 100cm H: 45cm..............Fabric required: 4 mtrs.............Leather required: 6 sq. mtrs
Sillwood ottoman..........W: 120cm D: 80cm   H: 45cm..............Fabric required: 4 mtrs.............Leather required: 6 sq. mtrs
Sillwood ottoman..........W: 120cm D: 120cm H: 45cm..............Fabric required: 5 mtrs.............Leather required: 7 sq. mtrs

Please note: The tray is not available on sizes with a depth (D) greater than 50cm. Custom size ottoman are available on request.

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Rume ottomans are not available to purchase online for good reason. We build them one at a time from scratch to the highest possible standard, to the individual specification of our clients, in our Sussex workshops. Our ottomans are an exceptional blend of tradition and innovation with frames from first grade kiln dried timbers with glued, screwed and dowelled joints, in a show wood of your choice, and with upholstery employing the finest modern materials and techniques. Rume design and make beautiful timeless furniture that is built to last and as such represents good value for money. If you are interested in our ottomans and unable to visit our lovely Hove showroom then why not contact us and we can advise and quickly provide you with a provisional quotation. Based on your preferences we will then send you a range of fabric, leather or timber samples and guide you through the process of final selection by correspondence. Our lead times are approximately ten weeks and we can deliver anywhere within the United Kingdom and international transport can be arranged on a case by case basis.

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Frame: Solid beech and plywood, glued, screwed and dowelled.
Upholstery: Seamed edges on border and on top.
Platform: Various density foam over matrix web.
Variant: Tray unavailable on larger sizes.
Timber: Solid ash, oak or walnut, natural or stained, low sheen. Veneer tray.
Fabric: Fabric or leather of your choice through correspondence.
NB: Our ottomans are made to order one by one and cannot be purchased online.


Rume delivers its furniture
throughout the UK. International
transport can also be arranged
on a case by case basis.

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