Bertjan Pot is a designer, probably best known for his extraordinary Random Light which was designed for Moooi in 1999. The light started life as an experiment in the behaviour of materials, how do they behave? How can they be appropriated? Can their expectations be confounded? Which is basically how each new product idea from the Studio Bertjan Pot begins. The result is usually an interior product which displays Bertjan’s fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and color. Most of his design experiments start quite impulsively with a sudden notion, a ‘what if’ moment, with a certain curiosity for how something new would function or how a finished idea could actually be made. From there Bertjan challenges his manufacturers to explore these possibilities and push the boundaries a bit. The reward for each challenge overcome is often a new one. Studio Bertjan Pot works with manufacturers such as Arco, Feld, Gelderland, Montis, Moooi and Richard Lampert.

Bertjan Pot

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