Moooi Prop Light Round

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This is the Prop Light Round so called because you can prop it up against the wall, and it is round. Moooi can be surprisingly literal for such a bonkers company. It has to be said that you are unlikely to prop it anywhere as it looks so fab when you hang it horizontally or vertically overhead, but then ‘Hang It Horizontally Or Vertically Overhead’ doesn’t really work so well as a name, so Prop it is. The light is by Bertjan Pot the mercurial designer of the Random, non Random and Heracleum, also for Moooi, and continues his recent foray into all things LED. Each bubble contains a dimmable specially designed LED optic that creates a warm, ethereal glow and is guaranteed to brighten your mood regardless of it orientation. Perfect for over a kitchen counter, dining table or even public spaces the Prop Round is available as a single, a double and a double vertical. There is also a rectangular version called simply Prop. Damn it Moooi stop being so contrary.

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Appearance: Clear bubbles of warm, ethereal glowiness.
Design: 2013. By Bertjan Pot for Moooi.
Material: HIPS housing. Glass bubbles.
Cable: 4m clear cable, hanging wires and white pebble ceiling rose.
Size: Round H 19cm. Dia 74cm. Double/Vertical max hanging drop 400 cm.
Bulb: 48 LED optics. Please contact us for dimmer compatibility info.
Please note: This light is classified as made-to-order and as such is non-refundable.


10 - 15 working days.
All mainland UK £14.95.
Non mainland UK by quotation.
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